Occasional Papers

This segment showcases essays or reports not published on a regular basis that contribute to the public deliberations on specific issues relevant to the core concerns of Pratichi

1 Social Exclusion in and through Elementary Education: The Case of West Bengal by Kumar Rana, Pratichi (India) Trust Kolkata and UNICEF Kolkata. (February 2010)

This paper examines how the gaps in educational opportunities and achievements of students belonging to specific economic classes, social backgrounds, gender and ethnic identities as well as geographical locations have increased rather than decreased.
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2 Dialoguing Development: Glimpses of the Pratichi Trust’s Public Workshops by Paromita Haldar and Kumar Rana. Pratichi (India) Trust. Kolkata (December 2010) 

This evaluation showcases how the work of Pratichi (India) Trust in the field of child education and health has empowered all people – even the common masses – to participate in policy design and planning by providing them with the opportunity to speak out their minds. 
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3 Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers’ Unions in the Delivery of Primary Education: A Case of West Bengal by Manabesh Sarkar and Kumar Rana. Pratichi (India) Trust, Kolkata (December 2010)

This case study attempts to show the various connections of the teachers’ unions with the development of primary education in West Bengal.
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4 Science Education and the Privilege Divide: A Case of West Bengal by Asokendu Sengupta. Pratichi (India) Trust, Kolkata (July 2012)

This work is intended to foster a public debate on the teaching and learning of science in this state, and more broadly on science as a method of enquiry that affords one the ‘freedom to doubt.’
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5 Unqualified Medical Practitioners: Unavoidable for the Health Care of Rural People? By Manabesh Sarkar, Pratichi Institute, Kolkata (August 2017)

This paper makes an attempt to examine the critical issues surrounding the imperative dependence of people, especially in rural West Bengal, on quacks or unqualified medical practitioners (UMPs) who do not have any of the medical qualifications required to practice any legitimate system of medicine.  

6 Transaction of Environmental Studies (EVS) Curriculum in Primary Schools of Himachal Pradesh: Some Lessons Learnt by Garima Sharma and Rekha Thakur, Pratichi Institute, Kolkata (March 2018)

This inquiry into the rather understudied field of teaching and learning environmental studies (EVS) in the primary schools of Himachal Pradesh aims to find out the age and cultural appropriateness of the content used and to understand the reasons behind the subject usually not being popular among students.

7 A Village in Perspective by Abdur Rafique, Kumar Rana and Shantabhanu Sen, Pratichi Institute, Kolkata (2006?) 

This in-depth exposition of a particular village – reasonably close to Sriniketan and Santiniketan in Birbhum – focuses on the myriad changes in the social, economic, political and cultural fabric of village societies as well as aspects from the past that continue to cohabit with the present there. 

8 A Tribal Village in the Hinterland of Jharkhand by Subhrangsu Santra and Kumar Rana, Pratichi Institute, Kolkata (2006?)

This is a detailed exploration of a village that in many ways represents any common Santal village in the Damin area of Santal Pargana.