Other Works

Sahayog : A Platform For Collective Efforts

Pratichi has already set up platforms for debate, discussion, exchange of ideas, and action, drawing upon its long-standing alliance with schoolteachers, parents, healthcare workers, doctors, ICDS staff, grassroots workers, environmental activists, students, neighbourhood groups and those interested in facilitating constructive change.

‘Sahayog’ is meant to be an active network dedicated to a comprehensive approach to social integration, including education, healthcare, environmental concerns and the equality of gender, religion, caste and creed. We have had a number of online meetings, with hundreds of enthusiastic participants in each, and Pratichi is very optimistic that it will soon take on a life of its own as an enabler of positive change in a secular, democratic framework – focusing primarily on the rural areas.

Pratichi Scholarships

Since its foundation, Pratichi (India) Trust has pledged to provide a few scholarships to academically deserving but financially constrained young students to ensure the continuation of their college and university education. Modest, but essential, financial support has been offered to Mr. Raju Mondal (2003-2005), Ms. Komal Kumari (2009-2014), and Mr. Bikram Mondal (2020-2021). A scholarship has been instituted in the memory of Late Professor Nabaneeta Dev Sen- the illustrious poet, writer, researcher and teacher- whose invaluable guidance as an advisor to the Trust is sought to be revered through this effort to make a difference to the academic life of a worthy student.

Pandemic Ration and Health Kit Distribution Work among Children and Their Family

Pratichi, in collaboration with Goonj, provided dry food materials for a month, soap, sanitizers and masks to the families of 314 of public schools Kolkata Primary School Council in May 2020. 

Moreover, in June 2021, with the support of Goonj, Pratichi distributed health kits to 350 children and their families as well as medical kits with medical apparatus, such as pulse-oximeters and thermometers, to 5 public schools under Kolkata Primary School Council to initiate health oriented sensitising activities within the community. 

The entire distribution work was arranged with the active participation of the teachers of the schools where the children were enrolled.