Our Focus

Focal areas of our research, long term as well as evolving, consist of:

School Education  

  • Children’s classroom life; child hunger, nutrition and education; the school meal programme and Integrated Child Development Scheme; capability development of children with special needs
  • Teacher autonomy and empowerment, the role of teachers’ unions and networks in enhancing educational justice
  • Growth of supplementary private tutoring and its quality/equity effects

Primary Healthcare   

  • Inequalities and deficiencies in public health
  • Universal health coverage 
  • Social determinants of health
  • Healthcare in ‘normal’ times and in ‘crisis’ times- the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond

Gender equality

  • Educational opportunities of young girls; the role of incentive programmes in enhancing their school participation 
  • Early marriage of adolescent girls and its socio-economic, cultural and legal underpinnings 
  • Women’s nutritional empowerment

Digital technology and People’s Well-being

  • Digital Divide in school education

Skills formation for the youth, with a thrust on greater use of solar energy for human development