Pratichi has people and their well-being at the core of all it does. We talk to people to learn about their aspirations, requirements as well as deprivations and inquire into them. We strive to empower people to develop their sense of agency and engage as communities in utilizing their inherent capacity to perceive as well as bring about the social change they need. In order to give shape to our aspirations for people, the organisation too has the right people in place for the right work.

The illustrious Trustees of Pratichi lead and guide the organisation by providing it with the vision for its existence, the context in which it operates, the direction in which it must move and the appropriate allocation of resources. The distinguished Advisors provide the organisation with every kind of support required for meaningful ‘research-in-action’ that boosts human capabilities, augments social opportunities and invigorates community action to improve people’s own well-being as also others’ lives. The dedicated members of the Pratichi Team all contribute most proficiently towards actualizing all the undertakings – like conducting research projects, workshops, public meetings, debates, discussions and so on – that the Trust commits itself to.